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Angular Dynamic Content

An exploration of the different ways to dynamically change the content of a component.


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Lego parts

In many cases we would change the content of a component dynamically, like for instance, to allow the user to change view or to let the children render the data retrieved and elaborated from its parent component. Here below we are going to show some techniques to create a component without deciding how the data would be shown. According with the application needs, each technique has its own strengths, but all of them encourage component reusability. We are going to describe:


Definitions and relation between Content-Security-Policy and Cross-Origin-Resource-Sharing


3-Minute Read

A lock

CSP stands for Content Security Policy and it is a security mechanism that helps to protect or mitigate some common attacks such as XSS (Cross-site scripting). It can be set by means of Content-Security-Policy HTTP header or using HTML meta tag.

Git: Move Files Retaining History

How to move files among git repository retaining the history


3-Minute Read

Camels at rest

Sometimes ago we need to create a new product, that shares many functionalities with the existing one. The first idea was to extract some of the code in a library, to be then imported and used independently in the two projects.

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