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Getting Started With My Website :-)

Main reasons behind the blog.


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A long route

Here in this post, I am going to explain why I am starting writing something on INTERNET and what I am going to share. I perfectly know that there are so many sites today, describing almost everything, but these are only some of the reasons which drive me at this point:

  1. to improve my language skills;
  2. to improve my online presence;
  3. to receive feedbacks (feedback is the key to grow up);
  4. to share what I do (and how, I am going to list also some of my biggest mistakes).

And what’s about the content?

Well regarding the content I am not completely sure about what I am going to describe, but approximately it could be:

  • coding (small snipped of code, that solve very small problems);
  • software engineer (patterns and architectures);
  • security/privacy
  • comparisons (I look for tools comparisons every day, they drive our daily choices);
  • travelling (as soon as I could)
  • who knows what else?

Language skills

I started learning english seriously when I began University, and as self-taught. So I often make some very big mistakes, and in most cases I am very insecure about by communication skills. One of the most common advice I have ever heard about languages is: “try”. So after followed my master degree completely in English, moved abroad working for six months in an international company, I was thinking about what could I do to continue improving it; I believe that leaving my “comfort zone” to connect myself with different people can only be helpful.

Online presence

Every now and then, during my daily job or simply reading other authors, I often find people do what I would like, so why should I only watch other people doing, if I could? Maybe I am not so good at writing like others are, but it doesn’t mean I can’t try.


By exposing myself to many and different people, I expose what I do to different comments. Maybe I can regret what I am saying but:

Criticism is welcome.

All comments are welcome, but critics permit to grow up, to avoid mistakes already done. Also advices are very important, from everyone, all ages, all experiences.


The best way to learn something is to play with it, in short:

“The game is on”

(cit. Sherlock).

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